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What type of training do we do at Triumph Strength & Athletics?

One of the most common questions we get from adults is “are your workouts similar to Crossfit”? In a nutshell, no we are not like crossfit. We have our own proven training system that we use to get our adults results. Crossift is a generic workout and not personalized to meet your specific needs. Crossfit workouts consist of very complicated lifts that take years to master and are very high intensity.

There is no logical progression or regression to the workouts. Crossfit often consists of random workout of the days that do a good job at getting you tired but do not address your individual goals.   In our eyes this type of approach is a recipe for injury and it’s not how we do things at TSA. At TSA we have a structured and guided yearly plan that is catered to your specific needs. We are with you every step of the way & you will never be alone.

You want REAL Training?

I have been “trained” by so many wannabes that its easy to recognize the real thing when you finally find it! No gimmicks – Just good old fashioned hard work and sweat. Every time I walk into the gym I know that Lou will push me beyond my limits and educate me in the process. He truly believes in what he does and you just can’t help but be motivated by him. I’m so happy to be a part of TSA and anyone who wants a serious work out needs to check him out!


Do you want to LOSE weight?

Lou is very involved in the athletic progress of his clients, both in the gym and on the field. My daughter has seen a great deal of improvement both in muscle development and control, since starting with Lou three months ago. He believes in the importance of nutrition, and while he pushes her physically, he does not encourage the extra repetition “just to show that it can be done.

-Paige Basley

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