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Strongman Training For Athletes

You’ve been there. You’re on the couch late at night with your remote control in hand, desperately trying to find something interesting on TV. Your thumb actually starts getting a pump from changing the channel so much. Then you come across some freak of nature flipping over an 800 pound tractor tire!

Whether you’re a world-renowned strength coach or a 98 pound accountant, you can’t help but become engrossed in this unorthodox, yet oddly interesting, display. Well, strongman training is no longer a spectator sport, and you don’t have to be a World’s Strongest Man contestant to participate and reap the benefits.

One of the reasons people love watching strongman competitions on TV is that the events aren’t “normal.” After , flipping over a car, bending a steel bar over your head, dragging a 600 pound anchor, and carrying oddly-shaped stones aren’t everyday occurrences. Yet the “abnormality” of these events is the exact reason why this type of training is tailor-made for mainstream athletes and hardcore fitness buffs, not just strongmen. Read More

Gorilla Project Trailer

One of my 1st original adult programs I organized & ran was what I called “Primal Strength Crew”

People from all walks of life, would ideally get it in together. Being built from the ground up, led to some amazing results for these folks. I had a lot of fun training these men & woman.

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