What if:

  • You were the player all the scouts came to watch and talk about at practices and games?
  • You made the opposing coaches game plan around you because you dominate every time you are on the field?
  • You could put the team on your shoulders when the game is on the line by being just as powerful at the end of the game as you were on that first play.
  • You were the athlete whose parents got to stand next to you on stage when you signed your athletic college scholarship?

Are You Sick and Tired Of:

  • Wasting countless hours and dollars at so called “sport specific” training centers in other places with nothing to show for it?
  • Feeling like your chance to prove yourself is slipping by and you are missing your chance to show scouts and coaches exactly what you can do?
  • Being the athlete whose parents never get to cheer for because you never make it onto the field?
  • Wondering if you are doing everything possible to give yourself the best opportunity to play at the next level?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, are finally ready to become a better athlete, build functional muscle, develop freakish strength, blinding speed, and unrelenting endurance, then TSA is the place for you.


Are you an ATHLETE?

I’ve been working with Triumph Strength & Athletics for about six months now, Lou Torres is the first personal trainer I’ve ever worked with. Every individual gets a training program suited to their goals and condition upon signing up with TSA. The program is progressive, after each level of trading is achieved, Lou creates a new program for the next stage. My energy level is very high, difficult challenges during the day are just not a problem any more. I’ve got the strength to mentally power through, given Lou’s training. Definitely beginning to tone up, getting my self back into fighting shape. Highly recommend Lou’s program for athletes or those who just                                                           want to get back into shape.

Thanks Lou.

-Andrew Ciccone

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Not Everyone is Accepted Into Our Program…

We care about our athletes first and foremost and won’t accept any athlete who isn’t motivated or willing to push themselves and others around them to become the best. This includes athletes AND parents. We don’t have the room or time to work with an athlete who is lazy, rude, or loaded with excuses.

If you’re a parent who interrupts our workouts or tries to coach from the parking lot then you are not welcome here.

Rude and overbearing parents make every athlete uncomfortable and ALWAYS ruin the workout not just for their son, but also for the entire group. We care too much about our athlete’s success and training to allow a lazy athlete, or a loud, arrogant, and demanding parent to become a part of the program and ruin it for everyone else. If you are a SERIOUS athlete that is driven to reach your full athletic potential, then TSA is where you need to train. BECAUSE OUR TRAINING PROGRAMS ARE SO UNIQUE, & WE INVEST SO MUCH TIME MAKING SURE OUR ATHLETES ARE ALWAYS IMPROVING AND NEVER PLATEAU, WE ONLY OFFER MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS. PLUS PUNCHCARD SETUPS $350/10 SESSIONS OR $450/20 SESSIONS

Memberships are billed only by EFT/Credit Card, so we can concentrate on training to make every athlete better, and less on collecting payments and bills.

There is a Minimum 3-Month Commitment… If You Are Concerned More About Price Than Your Athlete’s Success, Then We Are NOT The Program For You.

Membership Options:


Junior High & High School Athlete Training

    • Unlimited Sessions x Week
    • 3 Sessions x Week
    • 2 Sessions x Week
    • In-Season Program

College & Professional Athletes – Contact for Details & Pricing

Athlete Bonuses:


Bonus #1
Extra Workouts – Outside of our coached sessions, all athletes have the opportunity to come in and perform extra recovery and beast workouts to help with athleticism and general weaknesses on their own.
Bonus #2
Seminars & Events – Throughout the year, we offer seminars and events for our athletes to attend to help them continue to get better and never plateau. These range from competitions, guest speakers, speed or Olympic lifting clinics, etc. All enrolled athletes are allowed to attend these seminars and events free of charge, as non gym athletes are charged a fee to participate.

Please understand that not all athletes are accepted into our training program… This ensures that only the most dedicated and serious athletes train here which allows for the best and quickest results possible. If you apply when all spots are filled, you have the option of being placed on our waiting list. If your Competition is Doing Everything You Are… Such As:

    • Attending the Same Seasonal Speed Camps
    • Playing in the Same Summer Leagues
    • Following the Same Weight Lifting Programs You Follow in Your High School& Junior High Weight Rooms…

…then how are you going to gain that extra edge and dominate them? But if you know that you have to train differently to become then best, then TSA is the place for you. If you are afraid of challenges, hard work, and success, then don’t waste our time and click off this website right now. You might still get by, but eventually you will be beaten or benched by someone who out worked you and reached his full potential… …or you can step up and click on the link below to schedule your FREE Consultation & Trial, and finally transform into the athlete who dominates anyone they compete against… the athlete who turns heads the very second he steps onto the field


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