Here’s the checklist of things you need to know to get started with us.

  1. Contact us asap through our website or you can call 845-641-0797 and speak with Coach Lou Torres
  2. Decide what day is best for you to come in and do our “starter session.” This training session is a very basic low level workout, in which Lou can use to help evaluate and assess your level of fitness.
  3. The next step is critical. We decide if the TSAs Principles Period is necessary. If you come from a strong background in training and methodologies, the period can be adjusted. If not the Principles is very important…it will assess your techniques, strength levels, as well as mobility and other key movement patterns that you will do in TSA. Along with the previously mentioned, Nutrition and Recovery/Corrective from workouts will be addressed. If you have previously been in a serious training environment there is an opportunity to “Test-Out” of the Principles Class. Regardless of fitness level or experience, the Principles classes are highly recommended for any new member/client.
  4. Regardless of level, the workout will be scaled to your ability. Our training environment is high intensity, BUT pays attention to what is safe and right (#1 priority is safety.)
  5. You are on your way….Join Triumph Strength & Athletics…Don’t waste time.
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